How to prepare the best barbecues

Let’s face it! As Canadians, we are always longing for the gorgeous Summer days. One of the main reasons is really how much we all love a good barbecue. There’s something to be said about grilled meat. Choosing the perfect meat for your meals from among the many, many cuts can sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to feel like a mystery. This is why we are here and on this post we hope to give you a some ideas to best organize your barbecue meals.

If you are planning a party, burgers and sausages are perhaps the most popular meats to have for a barbecue. However, don’t just use them for parties. They are also perfect for an intimate family meal.


You have two choices: get our signature Pavão Burgers (especially if you don’t have much time to prepare your meals) or order freshly ground meat, and you will never, ever go wrong with a burger. We advise 80 percent meat and 20 percent fat, which yields a juicy burger that won’t cause flare-ups on the grill when excess grease hits the coals. It cooks quickly and doesn’t need to be grilled at different temperatures.


Pick up a variety of our signature sausages, grab some buns and toppings, and let people make their own hot dogs.

Dry-Aged Rib Eye

A rich, beefy, and fatty cut that is near-perfect to begin with, but dry-aging rib eyes add flavour to any meal. No need for marinades or rubs here: Salt, pepper, and a hot grill are all you need.

Back ribs

The most popular ribs on the grill these days. They are tender, with smallish bones and tend to have a good proportion of meat.


Last, but definitely not least, meat kebabs. You can get also get the Pavão style kebabs, ready to grill, or you can make your own. Top sirloin chunks, chicken chunks, sausage… the choice is yours.

Don’t forget to ask our staff for ideas and suggestions when you pass by our butcher shop. Have fun grilling!

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