Quick guide to sausages

Sausages are very versatile as they go with breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. We often get clients asking us about ideas and recommendations about which sausages go better with certain recipes. So, here’s a little guide with the basics to help you plan your “sausage” meals.

A sausage is made with ground meat mixed with fat, spices, and other seasonings, and encased. It has become a staple of cuisines around the world due to the variety of meats that are prepared in different styles. Sausages are mild, spicy, smoked, and cured. While some sausages don’t require any cooking, others can be roasted, grilled, braised, pan-fried, and boiled. Cured and smoked sausages are already cooked and can be served as-is or added to a dish. The most common cut of meat for sausages is pork (ground or in small pieces), but you can have beef, chicken, lamb, and just about any meat you want to use. The flavour comes from the ingredients and spices used in making each type of sausage.

Fresh sausages are sold uncooked or pre-cooked, but is not smoked or dried, such as the breakfast sausages and some chorizos or hot dogs that are pre-cooked fresh sausages.

Smoked sausages are pre-cooked and smoked or simply smoked. They have a strong flavour and are great in stews and soups, as well as in roasts. The Portuguese and Spanish style chorizo is a great example of this.

Dried sausages have a hard texture and concentrated flavour, and don’t require any cooking, such as salami.

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