How to cook rabbit

Rabbit is not only appetizing, but it’s also nutritious with small amounts of sodium and cholesterol. Often regarded as a stronger form of chicken, rabbit meat has a faint gamey, sweet flavour, and an enjoyable texture.

Rabbit is usually roasted, baked in a pie, or braised in a stew or casserole to keep the meat nice and moist. Like all game meats, a rabbit is very lean, and the more worked muscles, like the legs, take a longer time to cook than the saddle (the breast meat), which cooks relatively quickly. Rabbit legs need to be braised or stewed to tenderness and should be separated from the saddle. In general, a rabbit is cut up into 8 serving pieces: four legs and the saddle, quartered. (You can purchased them already cut. Just ask our staff).

Rabbit is a popular ingredient in different dishes such as pâtés et casseroles, and stews, but you can also use a rabbit ragu to make an awesome tasty pasta sauce dish. If you are one of those cooks who is always willing to try something more adventurous and different, then you should try mincing rabbit meat and make burgers or even mix the rabbit pieces in a curry.

Rabbits are quite good for you and are just a bit stronger in flavour than chicken.

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