Different ways to cook beef

As the Fall weather is settling in, we find ourselves craving beef recipes. There’s so many delicious recipes we can make with beef. Roasted or grilled, braised or sautéed, beef can be cooked in several different—and delicious—ways. So, let us begin comfort food season!

Grilling – Early Fall may not have the Summer feeling when it comes to grilling, but you can still enjoy being on your backyard, preparing a nice grilled dinner. So, keep your grill grate clean to prevent sticking, give yourself plenty of time to prepare and heat up the grill before cooking, and always keep an eye on what you’re grilling. Spice your food at least an hour before you grill to allow the flavour to sink in. The best steaks for grilling are ribeyes, strip steaks, T-bones, and porterhouse.

Stewing – Nothing spells comfort food like stew. This process uses, slow, moist heat. But rather than cooking a large piece of meat, we cut the meat up into cubes or other smaller pieces first. You’re not limited to store-cut stew meat, though. You can purchase your own beef chuck or round and dice it up yourself.

Braising – You need time for this, but the end result is worth it. is a moist-heat cooking technique that uses lower temperatures and longer cooking times, which helps tenderize tougher cuts of beef like brisket, short ribs and round. This is when we consider a pot roast. It starts by seasoning the beef, then browning it in a hot skillet before transferring it to a covered pot with a small amount of liquid, like stock or broth, plus aromatic ingredients like onions and carrots. Tomatoes or wine is usually included as well.

Roasting – It is one of the easiest ways there is to cook a large cut of meat. The method works perfectly for beef, pork, and lamb, and allows you to prepare a large meal with minimal effort. It is a dry-heat cooking technique that uses either high temperature or a combination of high and low. The high temperature is what gives the beef its mouth-watering, crispy, brown exterior, while the low temperature is what cooks it to its proper doneness.

These are some of the techniques you can use to cook beef. We’ll feature others soon.

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