How to debone chicken thighs

Chicken thighs are tender and juicy and a favourite when it comes to the Holiday Season or Winter recipes. Unlike the breast, thighs do not dry out or go tough when cooked in a sauce or stew. Learning to debone thighs is not as hard as you think and, although we can do it for you, you may want to have the choice of cooking them with or without the bone, depending on what recipe you feel like making.

Any knife will help you debone a chicken thigh, but if you have a specific boning knife it will make the process easier. So, place the chicken on a cutting board and cut down the side of the bone in order to free the bone from the flesh. Be careful, you only want to free the bone not cut through the meat or the skin.

Next, scrape the bone lightly. This will show you the whereabouts of the bone and will make it easier to cut away and remove. Slip the knife under the bone and loosen it from the remaining flesh. You want to ease the bone, not tear it away. When you reach the end, the large knuckle at the end of the bone will need carefully cutting away by turning the sharp side of the blade towards the knuckle and cut through.

Using your finger, gently press around the thigh to make sure there are no pieces of bone around. Get rid of the excess fat and your chicken thighs are ready for any recipe!

One of our Holiday favourites is the cranberry balsamic chicken thighs recipe!

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