Cozido à Portuguesa (Portuguese Mixed Meat Boil)

Traditionally Portuguese, “Cozido à  Portuguesa”, known by many as Portuguese Mixed Meat Boil, is a recipe rich in flavours with a variety of meats and veggies. Many people also serve with rice on the side.

What is Cozido à Portuguesa?

There are many versions of this dish, but it essentially consists of a variety of meats, sausages and vegetables (especially collards, cabbage and carrots) boiled or slow cooked to perfection. 

What meats go into the Cozido à Portuguesa?

Again, it all depends on the region, but it is common to find a combination of pork ribs, pork ear, and pork meat in general, various parts of beef, and chicken. What truly gives it its unique flavour is the combination of sausages: chouriço, farinheira, morcela, linguiça, among others. 

Where did it come from?

The origin of Cozido à Portuguesa is a bit of a mystery. Some historians believe it originated in Spain, others believe it could have had other influences as well. What we do know is that in the 17th century, Domingos Rodrigues, the chef for the Royal House of Portuga and the first one to write a treaty about Portuguese culinary (Arte de Cozinha, 1680), considered the Cozido à Portuguesa a rich dish where there had to be a variety of meats, including rabbit. However, he did not call it “Cozido à Portuguesa”, but the Spanish name (with some Portuguese influence): Olha Podrida!

Wherever regional recipe you prefer, know that the Cozido à Portuguesa is an authentic festival of ingredients and flavours!

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