Mistakes to avoid when cooking steak

Were you ever disappointed with the result of your grilling experience? Was the steak overcooked? We all have, at some point, made a few mistakes that turned our grilling meals into something not so tasty. These mistakes are easy to avoid. Let’s look at the most common ones.

The wrong type of steak – This is the reason why visiting your local butcher shop is key to having the actual “great for grilling” cut of meat. It seems like the trend now is to call steak to every cut of beef out there. The best steaks for grilling come from short loin – ribeye, New York strip, the T-bone, tenderloin… Ask our staff for some guidance.

Grill needs to be very hot – For a steak, the grill needs to have a temperature of at least 450 F. If you are using a charcoal grill, keep in mind you need to maintain it very hot and make sure there is a lot of airflow. A gas grill makes things easier since there is a thermometer which allows you to adjust the temperature with a dial.

Not enough seasoning – Most cuts of meat can be delicious with just some kosher salt. Now, in order for the entire steak to be seasoned you need to put enough salt on the outside.

Steaks need to be at room temperature – A cold steak takes longer to cook than one that is at room temperature. In order to be juicy, a steak needs to be cooked quickly, over a high temperature, for a short period of time. So, let your steaks come to room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes before cooking.

Don’t over cook it! – The best steaks are the ones cooked medium-rare. Check our post on steak doneness for more on this.

Let it rest – Taking a steak off the grill and serving it right aways is a no-no. It won’t be juicy. It needs time to rest for about five minutes once off the grill. Just cover it and it will stay warm.

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