How to make our own cheese board

Ever wondered how to put together your own perfect cheese board? It’s actually quite easy! And they are perfect for holidays, Friday nights, or everyday entertaining.

First things first! You need a relatively large, flat board. Prep your cheese plate ahead of time. You can assemble a cheese plate in 10-20 minutes. Keep your cheese board fresh and be creative.

Next, the star of the show: cheese. You will need five different cheeses. Check our list of cheese for some inspiration. We love to include Queijo Paiva curado, ovelha; brie; blue cheese; limiano; and castelões.
Other ingredients: walnuts, almonds, toasted baguette slices with salt and pepper (crostini), water crackers, presunto, sliced salami, sliced paio, olives and grapes.

Assemble all ingredients on a large cutting board or platter. Enjoy!

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