Grilled Chicken wings – tips

Chicken wings go with any occasion. They’re awesome appetizers, snacks, they make a great lunch or dinner with the family, and they are easy and quick to cook.

It is safe to say that chicken wings have become one of the most popular dishes of sports bars, restaurants, and family barbecues, as well as a must-have for some sports events. This is the reason why there are endless recipes for chicken wings. You just have to choose if you prefer them hot, sweet, spicy, or savoury. Whichever way you prefer them, there are a few tips that help us come up with perfect chicken wing.

When you buy chicken wings, you can always ask our staff to get them ready for you. But if you prefer getting them ready to adapt to the recipe you have in mind, these are some of the steps you can take to get them ready. The ideal recipe will call for 5 to 10 wings per person and you should buy them whole if you’re planning to prepare them. Cutting chicken wings is actually easy. Start by holding the wing at upright with the joint resting on ​a cutting board. Spread it out a bit and with a sharp knife, slice gently in between the bones.

In the summer, there’s no question about which method to cook wings: grilling! This method does wonders to the chicken wings as it allows the fat to drain away and leaves us with a crispy wing. You need to be patient, turn them often, and keep a medium flame so that they don’t flare up and burn. When the weather doesn’t allow us to grill outside, you can make them in the oven (we’ll go over this method when the season arrives).

The secret to grilling chicken wings is to have the right marinade. Choose one that has olive oil, mustard and/or soy sauce, and lots of seasoning. You can also buy them marinated from our store. Place the wings in a resealable bag and pour in the marinade. You should marinate the wings for at least one hour. Then heat up the grill and follow the steps mentioned above.

Once your wings are grilled, tossed them – while still hot – in your favourite sauce to coat and serve immediately.

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