BBQ rib rubs

A good rub will bring out the best in ribs, amplifying the flavour to get finger-licking results! From sweet to spicy, there are plenty of options available and you just need to find your own. Here are a few suggestions:

A simple mustard rub – Mustard is known for its ability to hold dry seasonings on meat. The other advantage is the different types of mustard available that will help you change the flavour of the rub. Your rub should consist of mustard (your favourite) parsley, rosemary, pepper, salt and dried lemon (or orange) peel.

Spare rib rub – This is the sweet-and-savoury rub perfect for pork ribs. It should include paprika, salt, black pepper, white pepper, garlic and onion powder, and cayenne.

Kansas City Rib Rub – Kansas is known for its city-style ribs. This rub has an awesome flavour due to its combination of spices. The best part is that this rub also works really well on chicken, pork chops, and sweet potatoes. The famous Kansas City Rib Rub includes brown sugar, paprika, black pepper, kosher salt, chili powder, garlic and onion powder, cayenne.

“Peg Leg Porker” rub – This one is a great mix of spices and flavours. Apply this rub right before the pork hits the grill. Use paprika, lemon pepper, brown sugar, black pepper, white pepper, onion salt, granulated garlic, chili powder.

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