Compal: expert in fruitology

If you’ve travelled to Portugal, you must have seen Compal in every café, supermarket and restaurant (and even at the beach😉 ). It is the leading name when it comes to healthy juices and nectars since 1952. Compal prides itself in the fact of using the best fruit from around the world to give its true flavour to each drop of their juices and nectars. For this fact, the fruit used is always rich in nutrients and full of flavour like no other. The result is delicious nectars and juices with the flavour of freshly-picked fruit. Every Compal product is described as “made only with squeezed fruit and just adding heaps of passion and knowledge. They call it art or science or maybe both. We call it Fruitology”.

The good news is: you no longer need to travel to Portugal to enjoy Compal Nectar and Compal Vital. We are happy to bring them to you – just go to our grocery section and you can shop online. What is the difference between the Nectar and the Vital?

Compal Nectar – this is where we find Compal’s long-standing day-to-day and everyday flavours. Each range is bursting with full and truly unique flavours, made from squeezed fruit, as only Compal knows how Enjoy flavours such as pineapple or mango.

Compal Vital – As fruitology is not only full of magic, but also wisdom, it was only with a good portion of dreaming and inspiration that Compal was able to create something as unexpected as the Compal Vital. Try the Mango/orange juice or the Pineapple/coconut.

A great way to “drink your fruits”, compal’s essential portions of fruit are nutritionally equivalent to the respective fresh fruit, with no added colouring or preservatives, making them a healthy option to complement the usual consumption of fruit. So… what are you waiting for?

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