Tosta Mista: one of Portugal’s most popular sandwiches

Simply put, a “Tosta Mista” is a signature Portuguese melted (grilled) ham and cheese sandwich. It’s delicious, it’s savoury, it’s decadent!

It’s no secret Portuguese cuisine is renowned for its fresh ingredients and unique flavours. The Tosta Mista is no exception to that rule. It’s a popular choice for a snack, a light lunch, brunch and even breakfast! Although the classic one only requires three ingredients – bread, ham & cheese – there are as many “different flavours” of Tosta Mista, as there are locations in Portugal.

Each bite of a tosta mista offers you a mix (‘mista’ in Portuguese) of Portugal’s renowned cheeses, melted, with local ham and toasted bread. Let’s begin with the cheese. There is an endless list of textures and flavours when it comes to Portuguese cheese, from creamy & mild to hard & sharp, all produced in Portugal. Here are a few cheese suggestions for a simply decadent tosta mista: 9 Estrelas, Queijeira, Castelões, D. Pedro, Flamengo, Ilha Azul, Quinta dos Açores, Limiano, Milhafre, Nova Açores, Ponte Nova, Saloio Serra da Vila, Alvelhe, and Terra Nostra.

When it comes to the ham, again the classic tosta mista uses cured pork ham, but there are other versions that also use Black Forest, Turkey or Chicken Ham.

So, get two slices of bread – if you live near a Portuguese bakery, buy ‘Pão caseiro’ (homestyle bread) – but any bread is great – again it will change the flavour of the tosta mista. And the best part? So easy to make at home in less than 10 minutes.

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