All about shrimp

One of the most popular seafoods in North America, shrimp is rich in nutrients, adds a fancy touch to any meal and is very easy to cook.

When it comes to cooking, shrimp is extremely popular because it is very versatile: a very popular ingredient in appetizers, salads, antipasto platters, soup, chowders, cocktail dishes, grilled and as a main dish. It’s easy and quick to cook, and a convenient ingredient to stock in your freezer for a quick dinner.

The thing with shrimp is that you can quickly make it sautéd in a pan, grilled on a skewer, add it to soup, paella, or any other dish you wish to make. The best part is that shrimp will quickly become tender whether you start with fresh or frozen. You can literally decide to make shrimp for dinner an hour before serving dinner and it won’t be a problem. Some recipes will ask for peeled and deveined shrimp, but keep in mind that the shrimp shell also adds a tone of flavour to the dish, and when grilling, the shell will protect the shrimp from drying out quickly.

Here are some popular recipes to make with shrimp:

Add shrimp to soup, paella, gumbo, pasta, stir-fries, steaks, kabobs, salads, jambalaya, cocktail, and some casseroles.

Lastly, once cooked, shrimp will keep in the fridge for a few days. Frozen shrimp will keep for up to six months.

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