Summer Shish Kabob Skewers

Summer is officially here! When it comes to meals, shish kabobs are without a doubt a popular food choice for summer. Whether you make them, with beef, pork, chicken, lamb or sausage, these skewers are a true form of art in the culinary world. They can be a little time consuming to assemble, but it is so worth it. So, on this post we decided to share a few tips for making these delicious skewers at home.

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Choose your meat

Let’s begin with beef. The best cut of beef for kebabs is definitely filet mignon. Other excellent beef options include Porterhouse, and also try a rib-eye. They all grill nicely and don’t require a marinade to make them tender.

Pork – The best cuts of pork to use for kabobs are those that are naturally tender and those that can be made tender with the right marinade. So, you are looking at, mainly, loin and tenderloin, even though butt and belly are also very delicious for kabobs.

Next, comes chicken. Chicken is by far the easiest meat to work with when it comes to kebobs.  Chicken breasts is a good choice because their thickness make them ideal for cubing, but be careful of the tendency towards dryness. Skinless, boneless chicken thighs, on the other hand, are delicious and remain so much more tender and moist than chicken breasts. Your choice.

Finally, lamb. You can go for the loin or rib chops which are more tender and easy to work with. The shank end of a boneless leg of lamb, however, is also a good choice  and just as easy to trim and cut into cubes.

You have one m

Once you have chosen the meat, you need to cut it into cubes. Larger cubes are the best way to keep meats moist while grilling over direct, high heat.

And, let’s marinate the meat. The difference between a great kebob and an okay one often comes down to the marinade. Be creative, choose one you really enjoy and start creating your masterpieces.

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