Seasoning: why is it so important?

Seasoning is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of cooking. When it comes to meat, it is the secret behind a very delicious, tasty meal. The most important ingredients are salt and pepper (and sometimes the only ones you really need). In most cases, however, it can’t just expect to combine them and automatically get a banquet from heaven. Salt and pepper’s function is to enhance flavour, never to change it.

How should we season our meat?

Mosts chefs will tell you that you want your seasoning hand to be about 1 foot from the food product your are trying to season. This way you can cover all of the surface area of the food item, and of course don’t forget to season both sides of your food item.  Season generously! In other words, don’t cover your meat with a rub, but cover it with a good portion of seasoning. 

Next, don’t forget the most important rule: season only once! Taste as many times as necessary, but season only once. You can always add more if it needs it, but if you put too much seasoning, you will ruin your food. But remember, never taste raw meat! 

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