Exploring the Delicious World of Presunto

Presunto, a Portuguese cured ham, holds a special place in the hearts of food enthusiasts around the globe. From appetizers to lunchtime favourites, presunto adds depth of flavour and sophistication to any meal. Let’s start with appetizers. Picture this: thinly sliced presunto draped over a platter of creamy cheese and ripe figs, creating a mouthwatering

What is Presunto?

Perfect as an appetizer, delicious in a sandwich, heavenly in many dishes, presunto is the one deli meat we all should have at home. Presunto is the Portuguese word used to describe an uncooked, dry-cured ham. It is a fatty cut of meat that, when sliced thinly, has a sweet meaty flavour with a pleasant

Sandwiches: perfect for every meal

A sandwich was probably the very first meal we’ve all learned to make. Let’s face it: there’s just something about a simple sandwich that’s incredibly satisfying. They are versatile and can be loaded with fresh vegetables, mouthwatering meats, melty cheese, and sauced to perfection.  Especially in the Summer, sandwiches are the go-to recipe. With the exception