Awesome cold cuts’ platters

Are you entertaining? Or perhaps you would like to surprise your family on the weekend with something different to taste while enjoying some time together? We often have clients come to our store asking us for ideas to prepare different platters with cold cuts. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to be able to give you suggestions on cold cuts and even on how to arrange them on a platter. These occurrences have inspired us to write this blog post for you. Hopefully it will help you come up with amazing creations.


Remember to choose quality over quantity. A good combination of meats is dry cured salami (made of beef or pork), presunto (Portuguese prosciutto), sopressata, mortadella and ham.


Be creative. Nothing stops you from creating a board consisting of some (or all) of the above meats with some cheese. However, remember to pair them well. For example, presunto is salty. So, you may want to pair it with a less salty cheese, so the two flavors complement each other. Fill in the platter with fruit, such as melon or figs, as well as olives or pickles. If you are serving the platter as a meal as opposed to a course, serve with a baguette or flatbread crackers.


For a charcuterie plate to stand out and have a well-rounded selection, some serious thought and preparation is required. Don’t forget we are always here to assist you.

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