Cooking chicken breast…

The question about “how to cook chicken breasts without being dry and almost flavourless” comes up very often. Well, it is true that they can be dry if we do not apply a few tricks to them. In fact, chicken breasts can be so good and versatile you can make them everyday. The best part is: you won’t get tired of them. You can enjoy chicken breast in a sandwich, in a stew, grilled, roasted, in soup… name it!

The first thing you should do is take a few minutes to decide how you want to eat your chicken breast. Look up recipes for inspiration or simply follow your cravings… Once you have decided what you want to eat, proceed with preparing it. If you want grilled or pan-seared breast, make sure it has the same thickness, so that it cooks evenly throughout. If you are planning to stew it, then you may cut it in chunks. See how it goes?

Next comes the flavour part. If you want chicken breast to have flavour, especially if you grill it, roast it, bake it or pan-sear it, then you want to season it or even marinate it for some time. You can go as simple as salt and pepper, or you can make your own seasoning blend. Look up recipes – check our recipe section for some inspiration!

Cooking! This is the part where chicken breast will taste different (and delicious) each time you make it. Bake some, grill a few, and pan sear a few others. If you are always indecisive about when the meat is done, then buy a instant-read meat thermometer, and you will avoid having over-cooked, dry chicken breast.

Simple, right? Enjoy your chicken breast meals!

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