Classic beef recipes we all love!

When it comes to beef, there are so many versatile recipes, one can almost make a different one everyday of the year and not run out of ideas. That’s right! Yes, we should all go out for dinner once in a while – as a reward for working so hard, as a way to spend quality time with family and friends without having to worry about cooking. However, that should not happen on a daily basis. The truth is, cooking is also very relaxing and bring a sense of accomplishment to the “chef” when everyone loves the food at the table. 

As we mentioned already, beef can help you make these delicious recipes at home. Beef stew, burgers, roast, meatballs, sandwiches… you see! There are some awesome recipes out there for us to master.

Let’s consider a stew. Beef, potatoes and other vegetables are simply magical when roasted in a skillet and then transferred to the slow-cook for a delicious Winter meal. Or perhaps a “boeuf Bourguignon”. Thin sliced beef cooks quickly, making it possible to have this “fancy” recipe (inspired in French cuisine) on a crazy weeknight.  Consider as well a beef stroganoff – a creamy beef-topped pasta is one of our go-to comfort foods.  And it only takes about 30 minutes to make.

You see! Beef is a true inspiration. When you pass by our butcher shop, tell our staff what you are planning to make and we will be more than happy to help you get the best cut of beef for your recipe.

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