Barbecued lamb chops

Most of the times, when we talk about barbecuing or grilling, we have a tendency of not thinking about lamb. And we should. Whether you’re a lamb lover, hater, or somewhere in between, it’s worth trying your hand at lamb on the grill. Especially lamb chops. It’s one of the greatest ways to cook this incredible meat.

When considering the right chops for grilling, you have three different options.

Shoulder chops

Cut from the front of the animal. These have a fair amount of fat and connective tissue, which gives them a very robust flavour, but they don’t have a great deal of tenderness. That doesn’t mean they can’t be grilled; you just need to pay attention to not overcook them.

Rib chops

These are cut from the center, thus the name rib, and usually come with a long rib bone, with an eye of meat at the end. While not the chops with the most quantity of meat, their presentation and smooth flavour make them a wonderful cut.

Loin chops

These are cut farther back, between the ribs and the leg, and have almost the same smooth flavour as a rib chop. Usually looking like little T-bone steaks, they tend to have a bit more meat than rib chops, making them the best choice.


No matter which ones of the above three you choose, you want them thick-cut to make sure the final product is as delicious as it can be. Another important tip to keep in mind: lamb is best when it’s cooked to between rare and medium. Serve it with salad, a nice sauce, some rice… the choice is really yours. It will be delicious, no matter what you serve these chops with.

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