Sausage… Christmas Tree!

The countdown to Christmas has just begun. From decorating the house to putting up the Christmas tree to buying gifts, there’s a lot to do in just a handful of days. One more thing: entertaining and making delicious food.

This sausage Christmas tree is too pretty to not be included in the listing. You don’t have to do any special preparations for this dish. Get your favourite sausages, make them in the oven, and just arrange them using toothpicks in the shape of a Christmas tree. Decorate with fresh rosemary and a grape tomato.

Not only does it look amazing – bringing a festive touch to the table -, it’s a guaranteed success as everyone (even the pickiest of eaters) will love them.

Pass by our butcher shop, check out the variety of sausages we have and decide how you’re going to make this wonderful centre piece.

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