How to prepare chicken wings for baking

For some reason, we have a tendency to associate some recipes with Summer only. When the Winter blues hit us, it is one of the first things we miss. However, it doesn’t need to depress us so much if we put our minds to work. Let’s take chicken wings! We all love to barbecue chicken wings and enjoy them while sitting on our backyards, especially on weekends. So, how do we bring that feeling to the Winter months and how can we enjoy chicken wings in the comfort of our living room? How can we have that crispy feeling to them without frying them? Simple: let’s bake them!  These wings come out crispy every time, the fat renders, and they are ready to be sauced with your favorite hot wings sauce recipe, or something from a bottle.

How to make them so crispy? Pat the chicken wings dry. You don’t want them to steam in the oven. The surface water has to evaporate before they will crisp up, so do your chicken a favor and get rid of as much of it as you can. Coat wings with baking powder. (The baking powder will help to draw moisture to the surface of the skin, and the heat of the oven will cause it to evaporate, and then the skin will be left moisture-less, and thus become far crispier). Cook at a low heat on a rack so the fat under the skin can render. Turn the heat up to crisp up that skin. When it is done you will have crispy baked chicken wings.

Now, all you need to do is coat those baked wings with your favorite hot wings sauce.

If you prefer, head to our recipe section to get some inspiration.

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