How to cook pork rack sous vide

Pork rack can be tricky to cook, as it can dry out quickly, but cooking it sous vide with precise time and temperatures will ensure perfect results. From the French for ‘under vacuum’, sous vide is a method of cooking where ingredients are sealed in an airtight bag and submerged in a water bath. This method not only ensures a constant cooking temperature, but allows the food to cook for long periods of time without losing any of its flavour or moisture.

Steps to cooking the rack sous vide

– Preheat the water bath to 62°C.
– Season the pork rack with salt and place it in a vacuum bag with a little olive oil then vacuum seal.
– Place the bag in the preheated water bath to cook for 90 minutes.
– Remove from the bag and drain on kitchen paper.
– To finish, remove the skin and crisp it up in a hot frying pan while searing the rack on all sides at the same time. After resting, carve the pork and serve with the crispy skin.
You can also try adding herbs to the bag for extra flavour; thyme, sage and rosemary all work well and whole garlic cloves are also good. You could try flavouring the pork with a dry spice rub (as hot or mild as you like) before cooking for a barbecue-style twist.

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