Awesome date night ideas

Once in a while, we feel like having a nice, cozy, romantic date night at home. A home-cooked meal in an intimate setting is the way to begin and it is a great way to start the evening, especially if your partner is the one usually making dinner.  There are many delicious meal ideas, many of them very simple to make, that will turn your evening into a memorable one. 

Let’s begin by the main event of the evening: dinner. You want to ensure you are making something delicious for your date. It is more than fine to have difficulty deciding on a recipe. It happens to the best of chefs. So, head to our recipe section to get some inspiration. Once you decide on the recipe you are going to make, the next step is to get the best ingredients to make your meal an absolute delight. 

Get into the chef mindset. A steak dinner can never go wrong if you are both meat lovers. Talk to your butcher about the recipe you are planning to make to get some advice on the best cut of meat for what you have in mind.  

Voilà! Staying in is the new going out! Open up a bottle of wine, put on some tunes, serve your dinner and enjoy a romantic evening!

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