Salami: some creative ways to use it

When we say salami, we usually think sandwiches. And yes, it is one of the most delicious deli meats for sandwiches. But did you know you can be very creative when it comes to using salami in other dishes?

What can I make with salami other than sandwiches?

Let’s start with pizza! Yummy!
Salami can be very delicious as a pizza topping, whether you choose to use it a replacement for pepperoni or as an additional meat. You can even replace the pizza dough by tortillas to have a quick and easy recipe, perfect for weeknights.


Next, let’s add salami to salads, especially potato salads. Imagine this: if you choose to remove the bread from the sandwich, you will end up with a mix of salami, cheese, lettuce, tomato, among other ingredients. So there you go! You have the perfect salad.


How about an omelette with some salami? Yes! Add it to your classic cheese and veggies combo, and let us know what you think. We bet you’re going to repeat it!


Last but definitely not least, the famous Portuguese “Pão com chouriço paio”. These are rolls of bread that can be baked with any type of chorizo, but are extra delicious when used with Portuguese salami, also known as paio (pass by our store and ask for Pavão’s salami).

Bon appétit!

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