Traditional Portuguese kebabs

You might be tempted to save beef filet for special occasions, but this low-fat cut is actually perfect weekday fare: it cooks up fast, stays juicy and carries other flavors perfectly. The kebabs are a wonderful mix of lemon, herbs and fresh vegetables and meat.

And let’s face it: with our busy daily lives, how many of us actually have time to put together a healthy meal? Our kebabs are homemade and have that special ingredient we all want for ourselves: healthy food for the entire family. Done with the best ingredients (pork and/or chicken, Portuguese chouriço, vegetables, among other ingredients), these kebabs will surely put a smile in everyone’s face and will leave them begging for more.

As we are now fully into Spring, let’s fire up the grill and enjoy a traditional Portuguese kebab dinner. Serve with a healthy salad or vegetables on the side.

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