Portuguese Presunto

If you look up the definition of presunto, you will find that presunto is dry-cured ham from Portugal, similar to Spanish jamón or Italian prosciutto crudo. Among the wide variety of presuntos in Portugal, the most famous are presunto from Chaves, produced in the north of Portugal, and that from the Alentejo, in the south, made from local Alentejano pigs, even though, presunto is delicious no matter where you go in Portugal, be it the mainland or the islands.

What is great about presunto is how versatile it can be. You can just have it as a snack or as a entree. It allows you to be very creative when it comes to creating antipasto recipes. It is delicious on sandwiches – and the number of sandwiches you can create with presunto is endless.

The good news is: you don’t need to travel to Portugal to enjoy delicious presunto. Pavão Meats has it for you. Share with us your ideas!

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