Meatloaf and its benefits

Meatloaf, traditionally made with ground beef or a mix of ground beef, pork and veal, is often too high in fat and sodium to be considered healthy. However, you can make this dish at home using healthier ingredients to turn this comforting — but typically unhealthy — dish into one that is nutritious enough to include in your diet occasionally.

It is easy to prepare, contains healthy ingredients, and can be served with mashed potatoes, side vegetables, and fruits. You can easily tweak the ingredients and spices according to their availability.

If you can afford to consume more calories, then you can add lean pieces of meat to the mixture. This can help increase the protein content. Protein is essential for cell growth. It can strengthen your muscles. It plays an important role in overall health and energy levels.  Incorporation of legumes and vegetables makes the food rich in dietary fiber, which helps strengthen the digestive system. Consumption of homemade meatloaf helps reduce the amount of hazardous elements like sodium, saturated fat, cholesterol, food additives, etc., entering our body. This helps lower the chances of health complications.

Now, look for a tasty, healthy meatloaf recipe and enjoy it!

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