Making a healthier burger!

Is there anything better than a burger during grilling season? However, we need to also find a way to enjoy this delicious summer meal without so many calories. Can we make a healthier burger? We definitely can. A typical burger starts with high-fat ground beef and is then dressed with toppings that push the fat meter even higher.  So just how do you go about making a healthier burger that not only tastes good but is good for you?


The right ingredients, proper cooking, and flavorful toppings are the keys to a better burger, says Chef Richard Chamberlain, co-author of The Healthy Beef Cookbook. To make a healthy burger, you can start with lean beef or poultry. For a lean beef burger, grind any of the 29 cuts that qualify as lean:  eye round, sirloin tip, top round, bottom round, top sirloin, brisket, round tip, round steak, tri tip, strip steak, flank, tenderloin, T-bone, ranch steak, and top loin.


Outdoor grilling is one of the best methods for searing juicy flavor into a burger. Leaner meats require a lower cooking temperature and benefit from added ingredients to increase moisture. Season your burgers with coarse salt, fresh-ground pepper, or seasoning blends or rubs.

For maximum juiciness, cook burgers right before you plan to eat them. Lastly, you can add moisture, flavour, and nutrition with the following ingredients, either inside or on top of the burger: onions, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, mushrooms, salsas, fruit or vegetable relishes and guacamole.


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