Essential steps to make a meat Paella

Traditionally, Paella, a dish that comes from the Spanish region of Valencia, consists of rice, meat and seafood. However, some people are not fans of seafood or may be allergic to it. So, what to do in this case? You can definitely make Paella with just meat: chicken, chorizo and beef! And it is quite delicious!

There are 3 basic ingredients that you need to have in your cupboard in order to make authentic Spanish paella; paella rice, smoked paprika and Spanish saffron. The rice should be short grain and never long grain. The smoked paprika or Spanish ‘pimentón de la vera’ is an intense spice made from roasted and dried red peppers mainly from the region of Extremadura, again widely available in deli shops. You can either use sweet or spicy pimentón depending on how much heat you want to give the dish, you may prefer to use sweet paprika.

The saffron is the key ingredient that provides the aroma and colour to the dish. Use Spanish saffron from La Mancha region, it is considered to be the best in the world.


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