Cold cut platter!

A cold cut platter is a simple, crowd-pleasing spread to have at any party. The key to putting together an amazing one is balance. A variety of cold cuts and types of pickles and palate cleansers should all complement one another.

Now that summer is here, having guests over and spending a nice evening in our backyards seems to be what most of us long for all year long. How can we best entertain them? By definitely having a some cold cut platters.

Choose two varieties each of pork, beef and poultry, or four varieties each of beef and pork, and have an equal amount of each. For example, you could use pastrami and corned beef, prosciutto and capicola, and turkey and chicken. Buy four or five ounces of cold cuts for each guest—if you’re buying beef, pork and poultry to feed 10 guests, you need 40 to 50 ounces total, or six to eight ounces of each type of cold cut.

Fatty foods need an acidic accompaniment to round out their richness. Cold cut platters should have at least one or two pickled ingredients and don’t forget to select at least one type of cheese for each type of meat.


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