Delicious pork chop mix

When it comes to pork chops, opinions vary about the health benefits related to them. Some cuts of pork chops can be high in cholesterol-raising saturated fat and calories, but a lean pork chop, such as a sirloin or top loin chop, is the basis for a healthy meal. Braise, roast or grill your chops instead of frying them to avoid adding excessive fat during cooking.

Most of the calories in pork chops come from their protein content. Each 3-ounce serving or pork chops provides you with 19 grams of protein, which provides 70 percent of its calories. Pork chops contain complete protein, which means that consuming them provides you with all the amino acids you need to maintain healthy tissue. Protein also keeps your immune system strong, aids in tissue repair, helps maintain your body’s hormone balance and nourishes lean muscle tissue.

Turn your meal into a mouthwatering dish by using our Pork Chop Mix.

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