The secret of marinades

Sometimes all you need to give flavour to a steak, especially if you are grilling it, is to add some salt and pepper. However, if you want to eat different flavoured beef steaks, you may want to consider some marinades. They do set things apart when it comes to making beef. So whether you’re grilling, pan-frying, broiling, searing, or even slow-cooking, you can’t go wrong with steak marinade recipes that are guaranteed to make your dinner turn out a whole lot better when it’s done. And remember: whatever steak marinade you choose, all of them call for marinating the steaks between two and four hours before cooking.

Here are some of our suggestions for marinating steaks.

  1. Classic Italian steak marinade – A simple balsamic vinaigrette­, ideal if you’re looking for a lighter flavour to add to a thick porterhouse steak. This steak marinade won’t overwhelm the flavour of the meat, but will help accentuate it.
  2. Lemon-garlic steak marinade – Lemon and garlic can make for an awesome combo, blending into a mouth-wateringly flavour.
  3. Soy steak marinade – Soy sauce is a solid base for a wide range of steak marinade recipes. It brings rich, salty flavours to the meat.
  4. Cuban marinade – Cuban cuisine is rich with citrus, cumin, and spices. You can see how this is going to make your steak taste awesome, especially in the middle of the Summer.
  5. Red wine steak marinade – this marinade is particularly popular in the Southern European cuisine. The subtle flavours of the wine actually make it a terrific ingredient for a steak marinade.
  6. Portuguese steak marinade – This marinade also requires red wine. Mix red wine, garlic and spices – especially parsley, bay leaves and rosemary – to have a heavenly marinade.
  7. The Dijon steak marinade –  This marinade will give your steak a nice Dijon-spice kick, combining rosemary and crushed red pepper to create a mouth-watering combination of flavours.

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